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Home Browse Equipment Pressure Washers 240 Volt Cold Water Pressure Washers Karcher HD 7125 XPERT with Integral Hose Reel 240v 130Bar @ 8L/min
  Product Info

Karcher HD 7125 XPERT with Integral Hose Reel 240v 130Bar @ 8L/min
Karcher HD 7125 XPERT with Integral Hose Reel 240v 130Bar @ 8L/min
Prod ID: KARHD7125X

Our Price 649.00
778.80 inc vat
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  Extra Info
Karcher XPERT DELUXE HD7125X Pressure Washer
 Professionals need a pressure washer that will deliver consistently high intensity cleaning, even with repeated daily use. Built from professional-grade components, The Karcher XPERT DELUXE HD X will do exactly that. 3 pistons & a spray lance constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel, a cylinder head & water inlet made from high quality brass, & a heavy duty, wire braded anti-kink hose all provide an outstanding level of durability, ensuring a long service life in even the most trying of commercial environments. Dedicated pump lubrication also contributes to a long lifespan.

Expert users require power too, & the XPERT DELUXE HD X's formidable 2.3 kilowatt 2 pole motor, delivering 160 bars of pressure & a flow rate of 480l/h, will rapidly blast dirt away from any surface. Cleaning capability is further augmented by the pressure washer's detergent intake hose, which helps to remove really ingrained grime through precisely dosed detergent application.

Karcher XPERT DELUXE Pressure WasherThe XPERT DELUXE is ideally suited for Tradesman & Semi Professionals or those wishing to upgrade from a domestic pressure washer to something more durable & powerful.

The versatility to tackle different cleaning tasks is supplied by the trigger gun's innovative 2 way nozzle, providing quick selection between a high pressure fan spray & a low pressure detergent fan spray. Adaptability is also enhanced by fully adjustable water flow & pressure levels. Once you've finished using the XPERT DELUXE HD X, storage is simple - the pressure washer's height adjustable handle retracts to save space.

Unlike the XPERT ONE HD, the XPERT DELUXE HD X includes an integrated hose reel, with a robust crank that folds away for space saving storage.

. Power: 2.3kW (240v)
. Cable Length 5m
. Hose Length 15m
. Working pressure (bar) - 130
. Max. pressure (bar) - 160
. Water Flow: 480 l/hr
. Dimensions: 360 x 400 x 925
. Weight: 32kg

Features & Benefits
. Brass cylinder head
. High grade materials for a long service life
. Pressure switch
. Automatic switch-off of electric motor when gun is closed, energy is saved
. Three-piston axial pump with hardened stainless steel pistons, swash-plate drive system
. Direct drive with minimum of moving parts, optimum efficiency, long service life
. Infinitely variable pressure and water flow control on the unit
. The upright Xpert offes impressive mobility and compactness with its aluminium push handle

. XPERT DELUXE HD 7125 Pressure Washer
. 15m High-pressure hose (ID 8)
. 400mm stainless steel rotating spray lance
. Triple Nozzle
. Wash Brush
. Professional Dirtblaster Nozzle
. Integral Hose Reel

  • Karcher XPERT DELUXE Pressure Washer

Karcher Easy!Force Pressure Washers

Karcher Easy!Force Pressure Washers have the new Karcher trigger handle that requires almost no effort to hold down. These Pressure Washers also feature the new Easy!Lock quick connectors rather than the older screw type connectors.

Ensure you buy Easy!Lock accessories rather than the older screw type accessories to fit these pressure washers.

Karcher Suction Feature

All Karcher HD & HDS machines have the ability to use a static water source such as a barrel, water butt, pond or lake etc in place of a mains water supply. The performance of this feature can be impacted by distance to the water source and or height of this source in comparison to the machine itself. Try & keep the water source higher or at least level with the machine to maximise performance. You will need to purchase an additional Suction Hose Accessory.

To help determine the type of pressure washer required it is important to consider the size of your cleaning task and level of duty, i.e. how big is the cleaning object and how often will you need to clean it? Below is an explanation of the two main types of pressure washer. Whilst bar pressure is important the overiding factor in cleaning power is the water flow rate. More water = better cleaning.

Home & Garden (sometimes referred to as domestic, DIY or consumer).
Lightweight, easily portable and designed for regular use in a domestic environment, these machines range in power to suit the size of your cleaning task. Models featuring 'water cooled motor' technology offer greater performance, and top of the range machines are often fully loaded with accessories.

Xpert or Professional (sometimes referred to as commercial or industrial)
Heavy duty, robust and designed for maximum durability, Xpert or Professional machines have higher pressure and flow ratings, enabling you to clean with far greater speed and efficiency. These machines are not readily available on the high street or in DIY superstores and often feature upgraded components throughout

Jargon Buster:
. Bar or PSI: Bar is the most common measure of pressure. PSI = bar x 14.5.
. Bar (max): This is the pressure achieved when the machine is first turned on
. Bar (rated) pressure: This is the operating water pressure of the machine.
. Motor size (kW): Motor size indicates power providing the machine runs efficiently.
. Flow Rate (l/h): Higher flow rates enable you to clean large areas or objects faster

Did You Know:
Pressure Washers use up to 80% less water than garden hosepipes.
Pressure Washers are not subject to hosepipe bans if used for safety reasons, or if a suction hose is used to pull water from a harvested source. i.e. not the water mains. They are also not subject to a ban if used for commercial reasons, for example to maintain cleanliness, hygiene or company image.

Important things to remember when using your pressure washer:
. Always use an RCD when using electrical products in connection with water.
. Never use a non-return valve at the pressure washer connection to a hose pipe.
. Never drive over or lay items on high pressure hoses to avoid damage.
. Your water supply hose should be a min of several meters long and unwound from its reel.
. If you are using an extension lead, check that it is rated at min of 13 amps and fully unwound from its reel.

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